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How to Blog

Your Story Has Power!How to Blog at Better Family Habits

  • Are you looking for a chance to share your story, point of view, knowledge or talent with passionate parents?
  • Are you an experienced blogger keen to grow your reach with the right audience?
  • Or have you just always wanted to try blogging but weren’t sure how?

It can be frustrating to have something to share and nowhere to share it. But here at Better Family Habits we can help!

Share your story and get paid to do it!

At Better Family Habits,  we want to provide our community with the best content and resources. We love working with both new and experienced writers to achieve this goal. And every author who’s work is published will be paid £100 via Paypal!

Our community is home to passionate and positive parents specifically interested in the sometimes challenging intersection between parenting and technology.  We’re looking for stimulating blog articles on the following topics:

  • Digital Family Life
  • Education
  • Healthy Living
  • Parenting
  • Self Improvement
  • Special Needs
  • Routine and Structure
  • Timely Topics
  • Things to do
  • Well-being

Please also check out the list of contributory post ideas but also feel free to propose your own. If you would like to discuss before submitting an article, email us ( with a bit about yourself and your business, as well as 2-3 blog post ideas. Please be specific – give us a 2-3 sentence overview and a brief outline for each one.

Types of blog posts

We publish our blogs weekly. To ensure we give our readers variety, we like the following blog formats:

  • Cheat sheet – Quick to read ‘how to’ guides.
  • Essay – Posts about a particular topic up to 700 words in length.
  • Infographics – Creatively display facts and information about a particular topic. Please include a brief narrative to accompany.
  • Listicle – Information presented in numerical format that is quick, clear and simple to read and share.
  • Picture post – A post consisting prodomaintly of photographs and supporting text about a particular event or activity.

Please remember that all posts should be relevant to one of our topics of interest.

Submission guidelines:

What is the general criteria for posts that get accepted? See below:

  • Tone: We like posts that are fun, insightful, practical and support the positive parenting ethos of Better Family Habits.
  • Length: Generally speaking, posts are between 600-800 words in length.
  • Originality: They must be 100% original to Better Family Habits (i.e. find nowhere else on the web or in print)
  • Content: We like originality but the posts must be on a relevant to our topics and cannot be used as advertising in any shape or form.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to Better Family Habits.
  • Photos: If you have a photo (that your own or one that you can use under Creative Commons), please  make sure it is less than 400 kb and send it. Please make sure it aligns with our brand: intelligent, fun, high-quality, and modern. On a related note, if you are a photographer and would like to submit any photos for consideration, contact us!
  • Bio: Posts may include a 2-3 line bio which includes a hyperlink back to your blog, website, etc
  • Exclusivity: Accepted authors must acknowledge that any material that is published on the blog becomes the sole property of Better Family Habits and may not be recreated or republished by the author without the strict permission of BFH.  (Please note that if you just want to share a link with us that you believe is relevant for BFH to mention and link to, then please share the link via contact us).

How to submit your article:

Send us your post via email  at The post should include:

  • Title
  • Article/Post
  • Picture (<400 kb)
  • Bio (with pic <10 kb)

If the post is approved, we will publish on both our Better Family Habits Blog and Habyts Blog (currently under construction).Only articles selected for publication Blog will be paid $100 (via paypal).

We look forward to hearing from you!

photo credit: user:742680 via pixabay cc