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How to Partner

Looking for ways to share your ideas, content and resources with passionate parents?

How to Partner at Better Family Habits

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–      Maybe you provide parenting services or educational products or family workshops.

–      Maybe you have content about family matters or digital trends or building habits.

–      Maybe you just want to share your story or perspective on family life.

It can be frustrating to have something to share and nowhere to share it.

Better Family Habits can help

At Better Family Habits, we want to provide our parent community with the best content and resources to build a better family life. We love partnerships and working with writers, bloggers, and organizations to achieve that goal.

Our areas of interest include Parenting, Self-improvement, Education, or Digital Family Life, all geared toward passionate and positive parents specifically interested in the sometimes challenging intersection between parenting and technology.

If you want to:

  • Partner With Us and work together to provide valuable resources to our readers then please contact us at if you have ideas and content you want to share!
  • Be a Guest Blogger then go here.
  • Be a Community Blogger then go here.

A special note for those just getting started

We know that many of you have established products and services to share – and we very much look forward to working with you.

We also know that there are many folks who are just getting started as bloggers and small business owners – and we also very much look forward to working with all of you.

Our goal at Better Family Habits is to support our partners and community to be better.  Better parents, better business owners, and better people.

We hope to share the journey with you!