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Dear Better Family Habits Reader,

Thank you! You have been a pleasure to write for and curate this blog. More than that, you have been an inspiration! Even more than you may realise.

The journey continues to greater heights… with!

Together, we have explored a number of parenting ups and downs. Delayed gratification, positive parenting, screen time, happiness jars, mindfulness, special needs, gratitude, habits, and other discussions garnered insightful feedback from many readers.

But the two challenges that repeatedly stood out were managing screen time and habit-building.

I’ve now spoken to many overwhelmed and worried parents concerned by the impact that excessive screen time is having on their kids.

Many caring parents recognise the value of technological progress. But they are confused as to how to teach their kids the habits of motivation, willpower, resilience and other critical character traits in this age of all-consuming digital distraction. Every day, overwhelmed parents tell us about their just-can’t-take-this-anymore-frustration of seeing their kids’ lives dominated by screen time.

Do any of these frustrations sound familiar?

  • how do I get my kids to stop using screens when I want them to (and to stop throwing tantrums and ignoring me)?
  • how do I get my kids to stop sneaking off to play games (without my having to always police it)?
  • how do I know how long my kids really spend on the devices, if they are truly doing homework, when homework is done?
  • how do I get my kids to stop asking/whining for more screen time?
  • how do I get my kids to do the work (homework, chores, etc) before screens ?

Few of us could have foreseen the overwhelming impact of all-consuming screen time on family life. But one thing is clear…

I believe that busy caring parents need (and deserve) an easier, practical, and positive way to manage screen time and motivate their kids.

So we (my husband and I) are building a better way…

Imagine your family free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again.

Introducing Habyts®, the family app that helps busy parents like YOU manage screen time, motivate their kids, and build better family habits.

It’s our brainchild, born from a fruitless and frustrating search for a solution to screen time and chores …and then we deciding to develop our own!

With three boys, you know I’ve been there! At one point our son was hooked on Minecraft. Constant nagging had no impact. Growing resentment only increased the emotional distance. We also had battles to get another son off his gadgets to study for exams. Regular chores and good habits were out the window. It was frustrating time for all of us.

We researched hundreds of parenting tools and techniques. And gathered industry best practices across parenting, technology and even ADHD to build a solution that works in REAL life! (In fact, Habyts hosted a number of globally respected experts in Parenting, Learning, ADHD and Gaming online at the Screen Time Sanity Telesummit 2015. You can listen to some of the interviews here).

Because parents just need results!

You don’t have time to troll through thousands of hours of conflicting information and advice. Or setup your own software company to develop better screen time tools. You are running a family, making a living, and trying to have a life!

Habyts® makes it easier to be the parent YOU want to be – by automating screen time management and motivating your kids to build good habits.

So Better Family Habits now sits at

As we broaden our focus to provide practical tools for parents, it makes sense to pull the Better Family Habits blog under the Habyts banner.

Please bookmark and share the journey to “Build a Better Family Life with Better Family Habits”.

And tell us what you think about Habyts. Your feedback has already inspired us to better serve parents like you with better tools! We need YOU to help build better family habits in the digital age.

Take care of your family (and yourself),
Cynthia Crossley

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